AATECH successfully finished 2020 Guangzhou Canton Fair

Guangzhou Canton Lighting fairDate: 2020.10. 10 - 10.13AATECH successfully finished Canton fair, thanks for all the cust...

Tokyo institute test AATECH air cleaning light can be inactivated new coronaviru..

Research by Tokyo Institute of Technology (Professor Masahiro Miyauchi, Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering), Nara Prefectural Medical University (Associate Professor Ryuichi Nakano, ...

New designed Rayleigh Scattering LED Sky light

2021-11-12 16:23

Rayleigh Scattering LED Sky Panel light

  • Special patent design (Rayleigh Scattering theory),make the whole light looks like real sky feeling;

  • High-tech optical design, eye protection;

  • Smoothly light effect, no dark spot, no shadow;

  • Strong housing with high standard level quality;

  • Customized size available to design.

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